The Advantages of Teamwork

Arguably, sales positions are the toughest profession. Sure, it’s not the same as death-defying occupations as being a firefighter or undercover cop. However, in sales, it’s a battle or harmony between your mind, your emotions, your wants, your needs, and another person or persons you have no control over. Waking up every morning and tirelessly working to shift someone’s perception from “No,” to “Yes,” is as mentally taxing as any other profession in the world. Furthermore, as a salesperson you’re usually working alone to achieve is magical trick—the No to Yes.
Salespersons, sales offices, and sales business are rife with competition, scorekeeping, and client stealing. These facts will never change. Though, your approach or at least part of your approach can change. You don’t always have to go solo or be steeped in competition. This article is going to be very simple and direct in charting and identifying the various advantages of teamwork among salespersons.
The bottom line is, there are times when working together is the smartest move salespeople can make. Making
common cause with fellow travelers (co-workers) can be a satisfying and rewarding way of raising your sales.
Before we begin, this article applies to anyone in sales, including sales managers. However, in my experience, most
people in sales didn’t get into it as a dream job and many wish they were out of it. The purpose of this article is to
help those struggling with the rigors of daily sales while being determined to achieve greater success. Sales don’t have
to always be a lonely competitive endeavor. As the old saying goes, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.”
So, let’s dive in and look at how teamwork within your workplace can work for you.
The best team work

teamwork in the office


As humans, we are designed to bond. It starts with our parents. As we grow older, every child wants friends. Further
down the line, we seek permanent romantic partners. It is the same in the office or workplace. As much as anyone
wants to be top dog, an inherent desire to bond with others is still present.
When we reach out to others or accept invitations to team with another(s), we are creating bonds that encourages are competitive nature to perform at our highest ability. It also has the effect of making our efforts and achievements more rewarding. Bonding in parenthood, friendship, or marriage has the potential to bring out the best in us and fill
us with a level of contentment and fulfillment which is not possible when we work alone.


We all have strengths in certain areas of our profession. As one person is great at cold calling and bad at organizing.
Conversely, it is likely someone else in the office hates cold calling and enjoys organizing everything before having to
make those cold calls. The perfect solution might be for the two of them to work together. Then as a team, they are
strong in both.
This is a simplistic example that invariably will not fit in every sales workplace scenario. However, the point is
obvious and profound. When possible, find another who has strengths that you don’t possess, or is more willing to do
tasks that you rather not do and join forces. Furthermore, watching one another success in their strengths teaches the
other how to adjust their weaknesses. Fellow travelers support one another in ways each other cannot even know. By
working as a team, we see in each other what works and what doesn’t work without personal reflection. It’s an
unbiased way to see sales, salespeople, and ourselves.


How often do you find that when someone’s sales are off the chart, that everyone is happy for them but also secretly
jealous? It is a universal aspect of humanity. When there is teamwork in the workplace, success and failure are shared
equally. Now, let’s focus on success.
  • This article is designed for salespersons, but if you are a manager of sales, teaming individuals up is a fantastic
    method to achieve a shared sense of purpose. If you’re a salesperson, and you’re more the group type than the go-it-
    alone type, then you already know that you thrive when you’re working with someone else on a goal you’re trying to
    achieve together.
    Look around the office and see who you might be able to work with on any given project. For example, if you work
    at a car dealership and you’re a mother and you have a co-worker who is young and single, team-up. When families
    come in or people with families, the young single salesman can greet and kindly pass the prospective buyer along to
    you, the mother. The buyer with a family is more likely to relate and bond with a mother who understands their
    needs and life experience far better than a young adult. Likewise, if a young adult comes it and the mother greets
    them, she can pass the prospective buyer along to the young single salesperson. The buyer will naturally feel more
    comfortable with someone like themselves and be more likely to buy.
    In the above example, the teamwork creates a shared sense of “Yes!” for each sale the other makes because they are
    helping one another succeed.
    Among salespeople, trust is not always high. Of course, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. The
    various reasons for this would make an entire article all by itself. However, a lack of trust tends to lead to unhealthy
    competitiveness. As a sales manager or salesperson, the atmosphere of unhealthy competition is something to surely
    If you, as a salesperson, work constructively with a co-worker on any aspect of sales or preparation, a natural
    building of trust and camaraderie will emerge. Trust and camaraderie within sales offices are more important than
    in most workplaces. There is a reason that the sales profession is perceived as cutthroat because it often is. The less
    cutthroat and more cooperation will benefit the office and the salespeople. Lastly, people who trust each other work together to find solutions to problems. Sales forces are most effective when the entire team feels a sense of trust and camaraderie with one another. In the end, all of this means more money for everyone.
    Another significant advantage of working together is brainpower and enthusiasm. Whatever the sales business—
    when people work together, they naturally blend their creativity and excitement. Each person brings to the table a
    level of experience, knowledge, and wisdom—combined they can map out new solutions to old problems. Furthermore, teamwork as the unique ability to transmute stress into motivation. Often, when we’re solo, one aspect of the process is not a strength or such an annoyance, that it lowers our energy level. When working as a team, this is transmuted into enthusiasm because we don’t want to let the team down or someone else is handling that aspect and we are free to be great in another aspect of the teamwork. Lastly, teamwork in sales is a real motivator and teacher. Everyone wants to be an influential presence among customers. When salespeople see, up-close-and-personal, how other salespersons work their magic, it’s an inspiring phenomenon.
    Working alone, the risk is risky. A cool as that sentence sounded, what do I mean? When a salesperson works alone, they
    are less likely to take risks with a customer or at presentations. It is a natural part of the human psyche to feel more
    confident when not alone. Let’s take a further look at this.
    Have you ever noticed that you feel more comfortable in your own skin when with a friend? That friend is a fellow
    traveler. With our fellow travelers, we are more likely to take chances, to work off one another for success, or present
    our ideas without fear of being rejected. It’s exactly the same with teamwork in sales.


    Working as a team, nothing feels as personal. In turn, this allows you to subconsciously put it all out there without
    being afraid that you will lose everything. Why? Because you won’t feel alone.
    Speaking to sales managers, team-up your employees. You’ll get more creative presentations. To salespeople, joining
    forces with a co-worker, together you’ll be more willing to really sell customers without feeling intimidated.
    The advantages of teamwork cannot be overlooked. Humanity would never have been able to get out of the cave
    without teamwork. In sales, teamwork can really bring out the best in salespeople. Sales don’t have to be an isolated
    lonely quest. There are fellow travelers in your office. They are going through all the same things you are or have in
    the past. I recommend identifying which aspects of your job can be allocated to the principles of teamwork and find
    co-workers to work with
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