13 Habits That Guarantee More Sales

The secret to success is a quest every person, in one form or another has been on at some time in their life. Assuming
you’re reading this and you’re in sales, you may or may not consciously be on the Secret to Success Quest. However,
if afforded the opportunity to have the secrets—the keys—the habits that will guarantee success, then I assume you
would likely avail yourself to being open to accepting them.
Well, this article is built for speed. There may be other articles like this one but none will be as profound, direct, and
guaranteed to work as this article. If you want to be a rainmaker, a top sales associate, a financially wealthier
salesperson, then buckle up. We’re gonna take a ride through the 13 habits that guarantee more sales.
This isn’t click-bait. This is wisdom. Awright, then. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.
How to be a better salesperson

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As you already know, every day will not necessarily be the best day of your life. As a matter of fact, the likelihood is
that many days will bring more complications and problems then days that do not. Furthermore, as you already
know, the worst days as you have experienced them have already passed and you made it through. Even if you didn’t
know how you would make it through, you did. All things pass. So, what’s the point? What does this have to do with
sales? Emotional regulation.
Here are some common wise adages. “You win some, you lose some.” “You can’t win them all.” “Some days you’re
the bug; some days you’re the windshield.” The reason these adages were invented was to make the point of
emotional regulation. never get too high on your success and never get to low on your failure. Sales is not a blood
sport. And you’re never as good as you think you are or as bad as you feel.
Learning and mastering emotional regulation is what separates the mature from the immature. On a practical level,
by being consistently level-headed, you are more likely to follow through on a sale then leaving the bit up to chance
because you think you got it. I cannot stress how important being able to emotionally regulate yourself is. However,
let me try by demonstrating standard scenarios of people who don’t.
1) Depression.
2) Mood swings.
3) Inappropriate
Acts of swearing or violence against inanimate objects. 4) Self-pity. 5) Resentment at co-workers.
The list could last pages. Though, I am sure you get the point. Conversely, don’t shrug this off as though a sporting
event and all these negative emotions will fuel you. They won’t. In sales, people buy from those they like, respect, and
trust. It’s harder to gain those qualities when inside you’re a seething volcano ready to explode or lawn chair ready to
The first habit that will guarantee more sales is emotional regulation. No matter what’s happening, you’re a guy
someone is ready to make a sale with and feel confident that they’re doing the right thing.


Surprised to see “Self-help” in a business article? Self-help is a term usually representing feel-good solutions to
psychology-based problems. However, that is a misnomer. The real meaning of “Self-Help” is in the root of the
words themselves and a daily practice everyone engages in. Going to the gym is self help. Dieting is self help. Eating
and sleeping are self-help! Even, Breathing is self help. Anything you do yourself to make your life better is self-help.
Now, take that same understanding and attitude to sales. How can self-help, help you raise your sales?
Am I saying, running out to a bookstore or log in to Amazon and buy a book? Not necessarily. What I am pointing
out is the mindset which constantly identifies weak areas in the self and then acts to turn a negative into a positive.
Address your weak spots. If you need more sleep, find a way to get more sleep. If you need to get into the office
earlier—because the early bird catches the worm—do what it takes for you to be in earlier.
However, usually, sales are a reflection of our self-image. Likewise, our ability to emotionally regulate is a reflection
of own self-image. Are you overly critical of yourself ? How can you overcome your critical recovery blocks? Are you
a procrastinator who tries to break the habit, but can’t? Where does the procrastination come from? How can you
finally break that habit? You see, salespeople are mentally, emotionally, and—sometimes—physically putting
themselves out there on each sale.
You take a shower to clean your outside. Take the same time to clean your insides. I recommend therapy, EFT
(emotional freedom technique), CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), any of a myriad of modalities which address
negative emotions and behaviors. This includes motivational speakers and tools. Find a Tony Robbins, old Zig Ziglar
audio, Suze Orman, famous business quotes, religious, or spiritual messages that motivate and inspire you each day.
The bottom line is, the better person you are, the better salesperson you will be. That’s a fact.
But wait, you might be saying that you know horrible people that are making good sales. That might be true.
Nevertheless, they’ll make even more sales if they’re not horrible and truly love, appreciate, and approve of
themselves, the customers, and the people around them.


What do modern football teams do before they start a game? They meet in a circle and emotionally psyche
themselves up. Even in little league, teamwork begins the game with an encouraging speech from the coach. I said above
that sales is not a bloodsport. It is not. However, rejection and competition can quickly drain your mental and
emotional energy which you need to be at your best. So, start every day with some type of ritual which gets your
ready for the day.
This habit is similar and connected to the second habit. Driving into work, listen to motivational speeches or a
business audiobook. If the EFT or CBT is your thing, practice those modalities as you drive into work. Whatever you
do, start your day feeling like a million dollars. Start the day happy, confident, ready to take on the world.


Bring into every day, every week, every quarter, and every year fresh goals. Successful people have clearly defined
goals. Goals are a product of vision and desire. Set goals. Live by your goals. Keep track of your goals.
Furthermore, please keep your goals to yourself. Successful people don’t share their goals. If you keep your goals to
yourself, no one will measure you by them. Only you need to know your goals. They are personal and they are


It seems obvious, however, many salespeople don’t dive deep into the technical aspects of their products and
analytics of the sales of their products. In short, know what you’re selling, every single aspect of it. Likewise, know
your customers. Know their habits. Dive deep into sales analytics and target with that knowledge. Already be aware
of the top ten questions customers ask. Anticipate your customer’s needs. Learn everything there is to know about
your competition, their strengths, and weakness. Find all the angles. This habit will make you a cut above the rest.


Every day send out emails or make phone calls, even if just to say hi. Network the people you know. Customers are
more apt to buy from people they consider friends and be a pipeline of referrals. Come off as more a friend then just
a salesperson. Be sincerely friendly. Make honest-to-goodness friends with your customers. Furthermore, find out
how they’re doing, update them on products for the future.
Simply put, never lose touch with customers. Keep your friends close and your customers even closer.


The only thing you can ever control in sales if your effort. Every day, pick up the pace. Hustle harder than you did
the day before. It’s the nature of the business—hustle. The moment you slow down, another will pass you. Your pace
will define you—take that to the bank, because you will!


For the most part, customers don’t fix what isn’t broken. However, you don’t get paid unless they buy. Look at how
Apple influences customers into upgrading phones or car manufacture entice customers to trade in their old car for
a new one. Obviously, every business has its differences. Nevertheless, but be the agent of change for your customers.
Recommend, suggestion, point out reasons to change, upgrade, augment what you have already sold them. Be
a positive force in your customers’ lives by identifying ways their productive or sales could improve through your


Sales are all about, would you buy it from yourself ? Be mindful how your sales approach and always adjust it until
the answer to the question, “Would I buy it from myself ?” is answered with a definitive “Yes!”


Keeping a log or chart of what worked and what didn’t work is a masterful way of being able to assess yourself.
Furthermore, ask others if they notice any flaws in your sales. The purpose here is to continuously improve, become
great, the master of sales.


Attending seminars is one thing. How about speaking at them? Be a leader to at work and beyond. Lead
conversations about sales. What works and what doesn’t work. Strategize with co-workers. Talk to every department
how to their approaches and productivity. Look to lead in learning. Look to lead in knowledge. Look to lead in
teaching. The more you lead, the more you will shine. The more you shine, the more you will sell.


Be fearless. Need I say more? I will.
Have the courage of your convictions, your product, and your power to overcome rejection and see yourself as a
bringer of good. I don’t care if you’re going door-to-door with a vacuum cleaner or selling system management
products. Know that you are Superman offering a super product. Have no fear of failure, rejection, or loss. A good
salesman is never afraid to look bad.


I bet you never thought I sneak a Raider Nation quote in a business article, did you? Al Davis said it best. To be a top
seller, you have to want to be a top seller! Every day, put your whole heart and soul into it without fear of failure. You
are playing to win. Just win, baby!
These 13 habits, acted upon each working day will lead to unmitigated success. Saling is a self-motivating profession.
It requires self-discipline and structure that many professions do not require. The level of the floor is up to you and
the height of the ceiling is what you make it. These 13 habits will spill over into every aspect of your life in a positive
manner that will bring you closer to personal contentment and fulfillment. Good luck.
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