25 Sales Team Building Activities 


A majority of sales people develop a silent hatred for team building activities. To most people, they are rather silly and end up being dreaded by most of the office. However, these activities can lead to the development of important bonds between people in the sales office, and lay the groundwork for them to build on their team values. 


All kinds of research show that the office culture and employee retention rates increase when these sales building activities are implemented. Activities that might just seem like simple games can be instrumental in developing communication and bonding skills that will stick with the salesperson for a long time to come. 


We have taken the time to talk to many sales professionals about the best team sales building exercises they went through during their professional careers. We created a list of A-Rated activities that are sure to accommodate every team and budget, both formally and more laid-back. 


These activities will lead to your sales team being able to operate in a far more relaxed environment so they can focus on creating genuine and longer-lasting bonds with their colleagues, as well as the customers that they are selling to. 


It can be up to you to choose activities with an emphasis on work-related development, or allow everyone to take a break from the chatter of office talk and work on developing their people skills. 


First we will take a look at some team exercises that are focused on learning. It is possible to develop your sales representative skills while also bringing the team much closer. 


Development and Learning 


Developing activities that allow the team to focus on developing their personal learning will allow you to focus more on the development of your company. 


Group Personality Tests 


A great way to get a sense of the strengths that your team shares is for salespeople to take personality tests and share their results amongst each other. 


These types of tests can open up a shared vocabulary for work preferences, shared professional values, and areas of professional comfort. Overall, they will lead to an increased sense of empathy for each other. Sales leaders can receive increased benefits of contrasting and comparing profiles of top performers to find commonalities that can allow for more focused hires in the future. 


Take a look at some common personality tests online. There are some tests that allow groups of people to take a test at once. For a more personalized approach, you can have sales representatives take tests at home, then have a meeting dedicated to looking at the differences in results. Another option is to seek out a licensed person to administer tests and guide a more positive experience. These test sessions can be instrumental in developing people skills, and only take a few hours to complete. 


Learning New Skills 


Working as a team to seek out new skills can be good to even the playing field, without taking work performance in to account. Everyone on the sales team can take up a new objective and walk out as a more informed employee. 


  • Display a TED Talk that has a focus on your area of work, or regarding different sales tactics. Follow it with a group talk about how to generate more sales and revenue in ways that apply to the daily operations of your company. 
  • Go to a conference together as a sales team. 
  • Hire a facilitator to facilitate a sales workshop. Then, give each sales member time to show what they are working on to the rest of the sales team. 
  • Attend courses that are not at all affiliated with work, such as wine-tasting or yoga. 


These activities will teach the team to work well together, as well as allow them to form bonds with each other that can last a long time. 


Team Outings and Recreation 


A lot of professional teams that we reached out to said that getting out of the office, even for just a short amount of time, is the easiest way to get representatives to come out from behind professional barriers and connect on a more human level. 


Scavenger Hunts 


Send the sales team on a scavenger hunt that forces them to use their collective skills to reach a common goal. 


Retreat Evenings 


Some sales team leaders will treat their employees to retreat nights to celebrate the end of a fiscal year, the successful closing of a large deal, or other positive goal that is a result of the work of the team. 


Office Wellness Days 


Have the team engage in health activities outside of the office. This can include exercise classes, nature walks, or other invigorating activities to get everyone energized and ready to work. While planning these activities, have the physical limitations of all your employees in mind. If you do activities that exclude some people, then it will not allow you to develop the skills of the team. 


Curated Experiences 


If you have never been much good at planning things for yourself, then there are plenty of curated experiences that you can choose from for your team to engage in. A lot of these experiences can be tailored to your specific team needs or values. Sales teams can get a great benefit from activities that inspire healthy competition. 


Note: Plan the occasional activity that allow salespeople to bring their pets, children, or spouses. Office staff should take responsibility for planning logistics of the team outings. On occasion, it is smart to allow some team members to do planning. This way, you can scout out which sales team members are the leaders. Let team members choose their activities as a team so everyone agrees. 


Charity Activities 


It has been proven time and again that people who find meaning in their work are more motivated and dedicated. This same energy can be carried over to sales. Place communal values in to practice and forward salesperson energy to a good cause. 


You may work with a team-building vendor for charitable activities to plan these activities that is good for the size of your sales people. 


Friendly Competition 


Efficient sales teams embrace competition as a motivating force for making increased revenue. It has been shown that the highest grossing corporations hold events that sponsor goal-oriented competition. 


Recurring Meetings


The above activities are good ways to develop sales and personal skills among the members of your team. However, you can also introduce activities to do during meetings that allow you to build on your team skills. These activities may just take a few minutes during the meetings, but when this time is added up, it can be great for development. 


Morning Check-Ins 


A few minutes at the beginning of the work day can be good for reminding the team about shared team goals. If you are weary about making this part of the daily routine, you can try it for a few days to see if it is a good fit for your team before you make anything permanent. 


Weekly Appreciation Days 


Although it might sound a little cheesy, give the team some time to appreciate each other. A communal sense of gratitude can allow for the team to feel the appreciation everyone has for their work. 


Last Thoughts 


Sales Representatives that feel like they are part of a successful, bonded team are more likely to generate increased revenue for your team. Effective team development is dramatically improved by the attitude that you have about the process. If you are concerned about sales reps not being as engaged in the activities as you are, consider this. Everyone knows its cheesy. However, this feeling in and of itself can be enough for bonding. A feeling of “cheesiness” can be enough for people to let their guard down and actually enjoy the company of their fellow colleagues. In the end, this will lead to increased sales and revenue for your business or company. While there are many different types of sales team building activities, they all require that you go in to them with an open mind. 

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