Sales Representative Incentives

Energized employees make happier customers. As a component of your retail and sales plan, getting the staff motivated should be a priority. Getting the team to sell more can take the form of either financial incentives or non-monetary motivational forces.

Before you put these ideas into practice, you should decide the specific ways in which your employees will be motivated. What actions can you take to make them want to strive for better performance? Answering this question will allow you to create the correct rewards and incentives to motivate employees to sell more, and create the most revenue for your corporation or small business.

  • Self-Chosen Incentives (MONEY DANCE)

    Let the employees pick a dance move. One of the most simplistic ways to motivate your sales representative staff is by creating a money dance program with the whole group of staff in the room seeing it.  If you have a small budget to operate these incentives, the end result will still be a positive one. Salespersons are more motivated when they feel like their work is being appreciated for the efforts they make and moving their body is going to do it. This will bond the sales group for sure. I have done it all with a sales team and let me tell you doing a money dance works better than them all.

  • Wheel of Fortune. 

You understand how this functions, spin the wheel and choose a letter. If you choose a letter that is on the board, then you get the amount that you spun on the wheel. Utilize all of the options for prizes that make the most sense for your business. This can be material items such as candy, clothes, makeup, gift cards, or anything else that you know your team will like. You can create a wheel using a cardboard wheel, and use Sharpie to write numbers on the cardboard. Then, use a whiteboard or large piece of paper to create a letter board. You may also offer non-cash prizes such as paid or extended lunch breaks, paid days off, coffee cards, or anything else that you feel your sales representatives would want. Try to be creative in order to spark the interest and desire of your employees.

  • Begin With More Realistic Goals
    It is okay to have big goals, or as some may like to call, “reach” goals. However, employees can lose motivation if they feel like their goals are not going to be attainable, or at least not easily attainable. Not all sales representatives get motivation from the same incentives or tasks. So, it might be a good idea to observe each member of your sales team and find something that will get them all motivated. This may require you to break down your large goals into smaller goals, that may be a little easier to reach in a shorter amount of time. As your retail staff is reaching a single goal, they get more confident in their abilities to reach higher goals. In addition to this, setting smaller goals will keep the motivation fresh.

Make a list of some prizes that you know they will have a strong interest in. Then, cut them out and place them in a hat. Let the employees pick a prize out of the hat when they meet their sales goal. Again, it is important to use prizes that your sales representatives will desire.

  • Pass the Cash

    In this sales game, you can pick a daily goal and tell everyone during your morning meeting, or just at the beginning of the day. Let’s say that the goal is to sell 25 sandwiches. If someone meets this goal, then give them a $25 gift card. They keep the gift card until someone else sells that amount of sandwiches on that same day. Then, the person gives them the gift card. Whoever has it at the end of the day gets to keep it.

  • Pop the Balloon

    Mostly everyone likes to blow up balloons and pop them. In addition to this, the balloons are very cheap per bag. The idea here is that you fill-up the balloons with scraps of paper with prizes written on them. Add some variation, so there are both smaller and larger prizes.

Sales representatives like the affirmation that they are doing their jobs correctly. They also want to feel like someone above them is hearing what they have to say. Your job is to motivate and inspire employees. Every time an employee meets their goal, let them pick a balloon and pop it to reveal their prize. Incentive programs like this create positive and fun tones that will spread to the entirety of your company.

  • Hold a Raffle

    Hosting a raffle is another good sales incentive idea. Begin by establishing notable goals for all the members of your sales staff. Whenever they reach one of their incentive goals, hand them a set number of raffle tickets. When the sales battle is over, randomly choose a ticket number and give a prize. Employees that do better in sales will get more tickets, increasing their chance of getting a prize.   There is no way to underestimate the power of a strong sales team, as well as positive incentives. Employees that are motivated perform better will lead to more sales, and thus more revenue for your corporation.

  • Parking or Access Pass Giveaway

    Sales representatives tend to be more towards the bottom of the office food chain. That means they probably don’t have the best parking spots. One of your incentives can be to give out a priority parking pass or give up your own good parking spot for a few days. Let the winner of the sales contest keep the prime spot for at least a month. It will hardly cost anything for you to offer this prize, and it is something that the employees will go crazy about. Rember you must the fun this getaway from their productivity and numbers, keep assessing them all the time.

  • Sports Fun

    Are there any members of your sales team that are really into sports? Sales incentives for employees can revolve around their personal interests. So, you should consider creating contests around their favorite sporting events or teams. When the season for football comes around, consider creating a fantasy football league.

  • Scavenger Hunt

    This can be a fun and competitive group game. You let your staff work in teams that are either pre-selected or of their own choosing. Then, challenge the teams to work towards goals that you gather on a list. Examples of these can be sold over a particular dollar amount, pitching to a certain number of new consumers, or selling a number of products. Personally, If we did this activity it was done by another manager so if you have the energy or time go for it.


There are so many different ways to place a dollar amount on increased performance. Both monetary and non-monetary sales incentives can push your sales team to perform at their peak. This will result in a good situation for both the employee and the company.

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