Your sales team members will determine your company’s success when you are striving to reach sales goals. Seeking out top performers in your staff can make all the difference in the revenue you gain.

In order to seek out these performers quicker, you have to utilize assessment tools and number counting to measure the success rate that you are getting from your sales team. Sales assessment tests will represent a specific and efficient way to open your team up to objectivity. Here, we will talk about why sales assessment tests are effective for recruiting new candidates for the sales team. This will also help you improve the process with which you screen your candidates.

Why Sales Assessment Tests are Important When Recruiting

People who work in the sales department are naturally competitive, resilient, and are driven to make an impact on the people they work with. Since these characteristics are commonplace in
the salesroom, they can be easily overlooked by people interviewing for new service agents.
Many sales managers are owning up to admitting that wrong hiring decisions with a quarter of
their employees. Assessment testing can allow hiring agents to overcome hurdles that can prevent them from falling victim to involuntary turnover rates. There are some more steps that need to be taken in order to hire the highest quality salespeople.

Why is it hard to find a good salesperson?

Salespeople can be hard to get a scope of.

These people are well versed in selling themselves the same way they sell products for the company they work for. Their ability to make an effective sale is heavily weighted by their skills on developing fast relationships, establishing a common ground, and persuasion of customers to buy the product they are marketing. Applying for a role is not different; they are just selling a product that they have a lot of knowledge about.

It is very common for organizations to not be clear about what they want. They understand that salespeople must be top performers. Unfortunately, they do not understand what it means to be a top performer in a specific role. Having general knowledge will ultimately lead to a bad sales person. However, a deeper understanding of sales skills, a broad depth of experience, and the genetics required for success, will drastically improve hires
and retention rates.

The basic task of reviewing the performance potential of a candidate poses unique challenges for the Human Resources Leaders. With quotas averaging nearly 3 million dollars, the negative

effects of hiring can show themselves quickly. If they are generating half of the quota they intend to meet on an annual basis, they will lose a good sum of money. Negative Impacts of a General Screening Process

It is all too common for corporations to use their market experience when making hiring decisions. These decisions typically involve a basic instinct, which can be subjective and simply inaccurate. Often times, this basic instinct is used to find people that compete similarly to their own top performers that are already a part of the company. This is a biased way of finding new candidates that will end up with decreased revenue for the company.

Methods such as this are not standard hiring practice, because obviously they are not reliable and cannot accurately allow for projected success.

What happens a poor salesperson is hired?
The long lasting characteristics of a poor salesperson will affect the other parts of an organization. Having a poor sales hire can be equivalent to the plague in your organization. For example, Instagram had a little over a dozen employees when it launched 6 years ago. However, they were able to sell their little company to Facebook for a billion dollars.

So, what is a sales assessment test?
These tests are objective and backed up by data. This technique allows for the removal of biased human feelings that could influence the hiring process. Basically, sales assessment tests are an effective way to improve the quality of the people that you hire. Expert company owners are in agreement that measuring quality is needed for both pre-and post-hiring. Sales assessment tests are used pre-hire as a way of measuring the effectiveness of a salesperson post-hire.

Based on data that was collected from studies and analysis of data, assessments can come in many forms and are allowed to be tailored to your specific company and sales needs and quotas.

Assessment tests can be done online with portals, and can be delivered digitally to candidates that apply for a position. This way, an employer has the chance to look over candidates for a potential match before they actually come in for an interview.

Assessment Types
Examines the natural ability for a sales agent to make a sale in a quick and effective manner, as
well as the odds that they are successful.

Looks at reasoning, reading, and memory for a specific function.
Incorporates judgement skills, work samples, and job previews. It tests real life situational abilities in a specific instance. Sales and talent acquisition leaders that have an understanding of the role that they are trying to fulfill. Having a deep understanding of the kind of staff that a company needs can be instrumental in getting the right staff hired.

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