We Invest in the World

When our company trains or consults your company, you are investing in the future. Not only your organization’s future but the future of the planet. Billions in the Bank are proud to donate and giving back to nonprofit organizations.

When you use our services, you are serving others in need. Here are some of the organizations that we support:


The Power of Giving Back

Water Charity

Water Charity ensures people all over the globe have access to clean drinking water. The organization has taken part in over 5,000 projects in 78 countries. Those efforts have benefitted more than 5 million people. It’s estimated that 750 million people lack access to clean drinking water.

This is outrageous. We commend Water Charity for their efforts to make a difference.

Build Africa

This nonprofit organization is on a mission to build schools. They operate in remote regions of Kenya and Uganda. Many people in these regions live below the poverty line. This means children are leaving school without many developed skills.

Those who stay in school often have no choice but to learn and study while sitting on the ground. Build Africa seeks to not only build schools but offer learning supplies. For example, In 2018, they provided 33,291 storybooks to 59 schools located in Ngora, Eastern Uganda.

World Vision

One in five children in the United States lives in poverty. This is unacceptable. Which is why World Vision does all they can to lift families out of poverty. This occurs in America and overseas. Also, World Vision offers disaster relief. They help people when natural disasters such as tornados or hurricanes devastate communities.

This organization has been making a difference since 1950. That was when the founder, Bob Pierce, donated $5 to a little girl. Today, World Vision assists more than 3.5 million children in almost 100 countries.

The National Wildlife Federation

This nonprofit organization fights for the conservation of American wildlife. One of their objectives is to stop endangered species from becoming extinct. They commit to helping fish and wildlife populations. This occurs in both rural and industrialized areas in the United States. National Wildlife Federation also works to protect natural resources.

The organization has reversed the wildlife population declines and increased their numbers.

Food for the Hungry

Food for the Hungry is an international relief organization with one goal in mind: to end all poverty. Founded in 1971, this organization serves over 20 countries across the globe. It partners with families and community leaders.

Next, food and resources to those who are suffering severe hardships. Food for the Hungry believes that every human being has value.

The poor and marginalized must get help. This organization ranks as a top charity by Charity Watch.

In Conclusion

Our founder, Mr. James Walsh, is passionate about helping people. Aa an immigrant to the United States, Mr. Walsh is very grateful to support America. Yet he also supports charitable causes and initiatives worldwide. In his own words:

God Bless America and if anyone knows of any causes I can support or help, please drop me an email on your ideas. In my life now I gain a lot of fulfillment and purposes in helping, groups and people.


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