Do the sales training seminars discuss the things that salespeople require in the harsh selling environment of the modern era? While it is always important to cover the basics of what is important in the selling era, there are some more advanced topics that should also be covered when your sales team is ready. It is important to discuss rapport, successful presentation skills, personal appearance, and the other basics that everyone needs to know. Putting advanced sales techniques to use will create better and more efficient salespeople. In this article, we will take a look at some of the more critical advanced skills. These include emotional intelligence, video sales, intensity, and diversity training.

Let’s take a look at how each of these skills plays out in the sales environment.


B2B Sales training

B2B Sales Training Topics Emotional Intelligence for Selling Success

Emotional Intelligence is a crucial subject for sales training, which should be introduced early in the career of someone who is selling any product or service. Emotional Intelligence, sometimes abbreviated as EQ, can assist salespersons in better connecting with their customers. Taking a look at emotional intelligence can urge salespeople to:

  • Feel out their own weaknesses and strong points.
  • Build communication skills
  • Work with different types of buyers

Leverage the different stimuli in the brain Without these skills, salespeople may understand the basics of selling, but they do not have a deep understanding of what to do in order to close the sale. You can show salespersons everything they are supposed to say by handing them a generic script, but there will be times when the representative will not be able to stick to a script. Every customer is different, and there are some circumstances that will require the salesperson to become very aware of what is being said to them and react quickly. If they do not have emotional intelligence, then they will not be able to connect with the customer. No emotional connection means no trust, which will result in the loss of a sale.

Video Sales

Well over half of all B2B customers utilized videos during their path to the top. While it is not necessary for salespeople to create their own YouTube channel and become an influencer, it is critical that they put to use various case studies and videos in order to increase their sales. We are living in a time where digital trends and video learning are taking over. Salespeople should capitalize on their ability to whip out a smartphone or portable computer and play a video in just a few seconds. Whether they have arranged for a client to meet them in the office, out of the office, or even in the back of a taxicab, the brain responds more intensely to videos, images, and stories. This makes video a powerful tool in sales training. Therefore, sales training should videos should cover the best practices to maximize sales and make more efficient and diligent salespeople.

Along the lines of using pre-recorded videos, sellers can use live chats. The practice of using live videos are highly effective in leading to the growth of B2B sales and can make for increased confidence in face-to-face connections, while saving on travel expenses.

Gender and Culture Training

The culture in the United States is in a time of great change and transformation. Companies are now becoming increasingly aware of the presence of different genders and cultural variations. As salespersons, it is important to work through these evolving times no matter what the personal values of the company are. There is diversity in people, meaning there is diversity is buyers and clients. People who were previously minorities are now increasingly important in the business scene.

Training Intensity with Business’s 

This is not really a training topic in and of itself, but for advancing the skills of your sales team, training intensity will have a greater impact on the sales that your salespersons are making. Think about how many times you have gone to a training session that was frilly and full of soft- blow lines that gently urge the salesperson to do one thing or another. How many times have you done a role play in a way that felt too non-realistic?

There is really no point in just going through the motions of sales training. Sales training needs to be strong enough to create a truly resilient businessperson. Practice needs to be much harder than the sale itself.

Advanced sales should challenge employees to continue to practice skills with intensity. Thus, Business to Business sales training should address modern sales challenges that can come to the salespeople from the diverse market. Rather than scaring people away, studies have proven that keeping your top salespeople engaged in training will ensure that you are making top revenue. Every company needs to incorporate these more advanced B2B training models in their sales

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