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BITB is a movement of financial improvement for individuals or small business’s. We created our courses to give a solution to people to place money in your bank. We want your to get what you want, point blank.




Reinforce training and validate that your sellers have mastered message with video coaching,


Prepare your reps with on-demand resources for learning demands.


Overcome your fears and change your income.


Breathe, relax, and become content with your world.


July 10, 2020
Buying Motives
Buying Motives
Buying Motives: What They Are & How They Can Help You Make Sales   Do you want to learn how to use buying motives to your advantage? If […]
July 8, 2020
Key Areas To Focus On Professional Services Marketing
Key Areas To Focus On Professional Services Marketing
There are plenty of challenges that professional service firms experience. There are also challenges that will take place in the coming years.
July 8, 2020
Improve Your Cold Calls
Improve Your Cold Calls
20 Steps to Improve Your Cold Calls   Do you think cold calls don’t work? Think again. Here are twenty effective steps that will put you […]



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    James, thank you much for helping our team succeed. Your marketing strategies took our firm to the next level. Our team enjoyed every second of working with you. You were so hospitable and welcoming to all of us. Your strategies to this day are making a big difference. We’re reaching more leads than we ever could have imagined. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done. Your email strategies alone have directly led to us having more clients than ever before. You and your team were so easy to work with. I can’t thank you enough.
    Sarah McBride
    Marketing Director at Sunrise Enterprises
  • IT specialist - Mo Galan
    You’ve got to hand it to James and Billions in the Bank. I’ve worked with sales trainers in the past but was never satisfied. They’d just go through the motions and our sales team would be back to square one in a few weeks. I was beyond frustrated. That all changed when James trained my sales team. His consultative selling approach has done wonders for our reps. They’re getting to closes faster, making more sales, and so many prospects have been converted to lifelong customers. Thanks to Billions in the Bank, we now have enough revenue to open up a second location in Florida. This is a dream come true for me. To this day, James regular checks in with myself and the rest of upper management to make sure our sales numbers are prosperous. Not to mention, he went out of his way to simplify our accounting and cash flow practices. This has made both my life and my employee’s lives so much less stressful. God Bless James and God Bless Billions in the Bank. Mo Galan.
    Mo Galan
    Software Product Manager at PRIME SOURCE
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    Don’t assume Billions in the Bank will only help you financially. I turned to James for coaching when it came to both my career and personal life. In a matter of weeks, he helped me find the right balance I had always been searching for. My business relationships and personal relationships have drastically improved. I can sleep peacefully at night for the first time in 20 years knowing that my life’s headed in the right direction. My fears of failure have been extinguished and I finally have the confidence and purpose I’ve been searching for. James is more than just a coach. He’s a life-changer.
    Craig Thompson
    Senior Manager at Capital Loans, LLC
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    Billions in the Bank do not live up to their name, they EXCEED it! In just a few month’s time, Mr. Walsh and his team more than doubled my company’s profits and ROI. They also simplified so many internal processes that were preventing my team from living up to their potential. I’m now proud to say that we’re number one in our local industry. Mr. Walsh took the time to evaluate every single metric and process in our entire organization. In my 30+ years of business ownership, I’ve never seen someone work so hard. He was thoughtful, creative, and passionate. Also- he treated our staff with the utmost respect. Our <a href="" class="" >sales team enjoyed every second of their training</a>. They’re now hitting numbers that leave me in shock on almost a daily basis. Mr. Walsh even offered to assist me in succession planning so that my family has the ability to maintain this business when I retire in a few years. I tip my hat to him and his entire organization. My sales team always asks if James can come back and work more with them. The thing is- their sales numbers are now so good that we don’t him back!
    Bob Barton
    Owner/CEO at Premier Funding, Ltd
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    Our team was experiencing so much trouble with creating a company from scratch. Everything was going wrong. Road bump after road bump. We kept getting stuck and didn’t know if we’d be able to continue or not. Thanks to Billions in the Bank, not only are we continuing, we’re thriving. James and his team knew exactly what they were doing to get our company off the ground. As soon as he arrived, we could tell he was the right person for the job. His experience building businesses from scratch was evident from day one. He helped us secure the funding we never thought we could get, set up our sales and marketing departments, and assisted our owner every step of the way. I honestly don’t think our company would exist if it wasn’t for his help. James- we all love you. Thank you for making our dream of owning our own company a reality.
    Leslie Allister
    COO at Smart Billing, LLC


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